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Painting in process.
Painting Completed shown in contemporary room. 
Close-up of section of work. #1
Close-up of section of work. #2
Close-up of section of work. #3
Sheep Collage
Oh, My Goodness-Sheep Collage is an energy driven mixed media, oil, acrylic, oil crayon, a collection of interesting elements that layer with color. Colour, of course, is a very important theme. I enjoy the way colour can create a reaction in people, including me. Imagine and then Just do it, and don't second guess yourself.

Keywords: peach, pink, brush strokes, Bright colours, bright colors, thick paint, soft colors, soft colours, expressionism, expressionist, gray, orange

Type:Mixed Media
Support Type:Paper
Tags:abstract, bright colours, expressionist, collage, impasto
Height:28.0 inch
Width:28.0 inch
Depth:12.0 inch
Weight:1.0 lbs
Ready to Hang:No
Year Created:2016
Signed: On Back 
Purchase Info Price:$585
OK. there are no sheep visible in the final painting, however if you were to look deep within and below the layers you would find a sheep, and much more. Turn your head sideways and upper middle you will see sort of a sheep.  How fun to know all of his is hidden below. 

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