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MY Thoughts
Cheryl maintains a preference for stillness, but is drawn to movement. Johnson's works with their sheer density of layers endlessly receding are an almost archaeological revealing of the history of their painstaking progression from blank canvas to luminous object.
"Rain. I found a day in the midst of a week just looking out my window at the rain."
‘I spend half my time closely observing the natural world. The other half I spend in the studio, attempting to translate this experience into two-dimensional form. I am always drawn to the minutiae detail. My desire is to paint exposing the evolution of form and work to not fill the canvas with detail but, to let the space speak. I must say that is the most difficult as I so enjoy the layers and process of painting. Knowing when to stop and not add more is my desire. I want to paint Intimate Immensity, fragility, color and light that speak to you."

Cheryl Johnsons work is characterised by subtle handling of the medium. Imagery appears to be reduced to essentials and allows mind spaces to be opened up. The observer is drawn in, visually challenged, perception is sharpened, without the paintings giving up all their secrets. A distinctive, moving aesthetic that conveys extreme emotions through vivid and often dissonant colors.

Cheryl Johnson's brand of Abstract Expressionism, emphasizes spontaneous creation and emotional intensity. Her work is a process of evolution, bordering between abstraction, the conceptual and the figurative. Her palette, muted subtle colors. She uses the blackest and palest of shades to bathe her work in luminous light and shadow. The effect is brooding and nebulous, yet meditative.

Finding light in abstract works
Dynamic. Light. Intensity
Painting is really physical and takes a lot of energy. I love to create Modern Abstracts. Starting is with a basic idea or color scheme. I pick colors that harmonize. I think about sense of color and composition and about each layer I create.  Often a painting will have a depth of 20-30 layers. Creating light is the most important aspect.  Illumination and radiance are achieved through the deep layering of oils, alkyds, translucent pigments and varnishes or resins. The tools range from pallet knifes to brushes, to scrapers or to cloth and simple rags to remove and scumble colors. Each painting evolves and may take weeks or months to complete.
Painting is intimate. I feel an extraordinary commitment to each painting, a dynamic power that moves out into the world. To achieve this I first empty myself of all internal chatter and begin in silence.
Painting is essential to me.
Del·i·ques·cent moments becoming liquid or having a tendency to become liquid.(of a solid) tending to absorb moisture from the air and dissolve in it.
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