The following paintings are works on paper created with mixed media.
Oil, Acrylic, Oil Crayon.
Size: 17"x24"
Size: 28"x28"
Works are on Terra Stone Paper. 
TerraSkin is a combination of mineral powder (>75%) and a small quantity (<25%) of non-toxic resin combined to create an environmentally friendly paper.
The production of TerraSkin requires no water, so the TerraSkin paper-making process incurs no water pollutants.

Most importantly, in producing TerraSkin, the harvesting of trees is unnecessary, thereby safeguarding the natural environment’s beauty and biodiversity for all living beings.

Napoli Formations
Inspired by the beautiful mountain formation on the Napoli coast of Kauai. This abstract painting is my impression of a  a cross section of the many thin lava flows that made the Kaua'i Shield Volcano 5.1 million years ago. These narrow layers are tilted towards the lava vent that produced them, and are known as the Napali Formation.
Size: 17"x24"
Island Formations
This painting was inspired from studying about how the Hawaiian islands were formed. I love this island and the beauty and inspiration are continual. Kauai's origins are volcanic, the island having been formed by the passage of the Pacific plate over the Hawaii hotspot. At approximately six million years old, it is the oldest of the main islands.
Size: 17"x24"
Metamorphic Memories
Metamorphic rocks are made when other rocks are changed underground. Metamorphic rocks form when other rocks have been squeezed, baked and squashed by the heat and pressure of movements inside the earth. Rocks changed mostly by heat are made of sugary crystals. Rocks changed by heat and squeezing have wavy layers. Kauai, and all the islands of Hawaii have been formed from metamorphic rocks.
Size: 17"x24"
 Stone Feelings
My heart is filled with words. Rough like an an unpolished diamond ready to morph into facets of beauty. All about me on this islands Kauai I am moved and inspired to change stone feelings into more. Remember picking up a stone or pebble because there was just something about it? Well, here’s a whole quarry of quirky, engaging, happy, sad, afraid, shy, joyful and just plain outrageous 'stone' feelings created for building a room around the stone feelings in this painting.
Size: 17"x24"
Sedimentary Sensations
Sedimentary rocks are made of grains from smashed-up or ground-up rock, or from broken and ground-up shells.The grains were either being carried around by water in the sea, lakes or rivers, or being blown around on land by the wind, before settling to build up in layers.These layers then hardened into solid rock again. The grains may be of clay, mud, sand, pebbles, or fossils. Kauai, the island where I live has many layers of sedimentary rocks making up the land under the tropical forest.
Size: 17"x24"
Igneous Energy
Igneous rocks come red hot out of earth's oven, spewing up from deep inside the earth and in volcanic eruptions. Igneous rocks were once a liquid called magma. Magma is melted rock that got so hot that it turned into a liquid. Igneous rocks contain crystals that formed when magma cooled down. The slower the magma cooled the bigger the crystals grow. Kauai, the island where I live was formed by volcanic eruptions.
Size: 17"x24"
Sheep Collage
Oh My Goodness-Sheep Collage is an energy driven mixed media, oil, acrylic, oil crayon, a collection of interesting elements that layer with color. Colour, of course, is a very important theme. I enjoy the way colour can create a reaction in people, including me. Imagine and then Just do it, and don't second guess yourself.

Keywords: peach, pink, brush strokes, Bright colours, bright colors, thick paint, soft colors, soft colours, expressionism, expressionist, gray, orange
28" x 28" 
Stone Paper Collage

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