Title: Emotions Tumble
By: Cheryl Johnson
Price: $450
Size: 11"x14"
Weight: 1 lbs. 0 oz.
Mixed Media, oil, crayon, graphite, acrylics 
Surface: Stone Paper  (Terra Skin) environmentally green printing paper; cradle to cradle
Signed on Back/Certificate of Authenticity
Sealed with Damar Varnish
Will ship rolled.
Keywords: Fine art, painting, abstract, collage, line, calligraphy, face, figure, gallery, oil, tourquoise, Affordable Art, mixed media, oil, acrylic, hawaii, Cheryl Johnson, cherinow, pink, red, texture, 
Emotions Tumble. Colorful abstract figure. Emotions are an ever moving dance.  
Emotions Tumble
Code: SC_CJTS_ET_0001
Full Frame of Painting
Emotions Tumble
Code: SC_CJTS_ET_0002
Detail of Painting
Emotions Tumble
Code: SC_CJTS_ET_0003
Detail of Painting

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