Walk on the Beach at Kee at sunset with Makana in the backgound. 
Northshore. Napali
View from our window
Growing in our Garden
Painting from the North Shore of Kauai I paint in Paradise from a screened porch, Lani. I live one mile up from the beach in a valley known for its beauty and feminine power. I can meander along this country road laced with palms, banana, mango and orange trees on my path to the beach. I am able to choose from an endless supply of colors for my palette. Each day is a new color exploration. I color my world with the vibrantly colored tropical flowers. I squeeze out hibiscus, pink or purple bougainvillea then dip my brush into thalo green tropical forest colors. The scent of the ocean, enchanting beauty and healing waters inspire, strengthen and power my creativity, passion and manifestations. My work often expresses the ocean view from sand to mountain peaks with colors, textures, vibrancy and the spiritual essence of its power. Also within view I see magnificent tropical foliage and incredible flowers caress the land with color. My paintings and photography are often inspired while sitting on the beach in the afternoons, and painting the beckoning colors and moods of the sea that calls me to swim and frolic. Everywhere is inspiration. Simply looking up into a sky of blue dotted with clouds carries my spirit away. I can stir in the colors of the bird of paradise. Then highlight with the whites of the plumeria and gardenias and add passion with the showy red ginger. Growing right outside my studio is a hillside of magnificent torch ginger, and hundreds of species of purple orchids.
Painting in my studio in Paradise, Kauai. Once you have entered this Painted World, you want to linger. I do live in Paradise on the island of Kauai, which is known also as the "Garden Isle” of Hawaii. My studio looks out on majestic mountains, lush taro fields, a magnificent river, waterfalls and radiant rainbows. It is an open-air, screened oasis that invites one to naturally merge with the lush and inspiring beauty.

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