The painting was inspired by Joan Mitchell. 

I love to explore technique and style and enlarge my skills. The paintings that I create are meant to bring you joy, and pleasure. I hope they inspire and uplift, as well as enhance your interiors. 

I believe that our homes should be sanctuaries that surrounds us with comfort, color, beauty and the things we love. 

I loved creating the colors and brush work in this work. I hope you feel an emotional connection to this work, or perhaps  LOVE Joan Mitchell like I do. 

I hope this painting makes you feel good, then I've accomplished what I set out to do. 

Hopefully you'll want this painting in your home or office! Or maybe you're considering this artwork for a special gift.  This one is hard to part with today!  Thank you Joan!

I went back through my box containing my works on paper. Mostly done on Terra Skin Stone paper.  I love the surface.

These are ideal for someone who wants abstract art. 

Order one today. Original or print. 

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