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Making the most of the drips, splatters and controlled surface or happy accidents.
Cheryl Johnson's works make her a top selling artists, and with an affordable portfolio that spans several sizes and colour palettes, it's not hard to see why she's so popular. Her drip and controlled spill paintings employ motion and gravity to influence multiple layers of paint, forming abstract surfaces that are visually striking from afar, and even more intriguing up close.  so vibrant and textured it appears almost as the surface of some other world. 
Now You can - Inject some colour into an interior in your home or business with these energetic, colourful playful paintings!
I love color and this series is a study in color and the flow of paint.
Amazingly a friend came by and purchased one right off the easel. Wonderful.
Detail of image.
Sam Francis Foundation: Home
One of the twentieth century's most profound Abstract Expressionists, American artistSam Francis (1923-1994) is noted as one of the first post-World War II

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