Fun new Spring Painting.
Sunflower on Red Table
This painting was created after I spent a day on the island gathering and photographing sunflowers. I placed some in a vase on my art table and became fascinated how the leaves and colors changed each day. Sunflowers are a large inflorescence (flowering head). The plant has wonderful textures from smooth petals to a rough, hairy stem, broad, coarsely toothed, rough leaves, and circular flower heads. The heads consist of many individual flowers which mature into seeds, often in the hundreds, on a receptacle base. You can find Sunflowers in many places on the island of Kauai from yards to fields. One treasured place is going around the island where the highway skirts the outside edge of Kekaha, the last town on the west side. The broad, flat platform of land from Waimea River to the cliffs of Nâ Pali is called the Mana coastal plain. Fertile land that once grew sugar cane for generations now sprouts alternative crops such as seed corn and sunflower. I adore these flowers. I hope you will enjoy this painting as much as I enjoyed creating it in multiple layers. I loved creating color and texture. This work was created on Terraskin paper an environmentally green printing paper; cradle to cradle certified made from stone.

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