I have my works on several online art sites that will enable you to purchase directly.

Art Source and Design - Charlotte, NC  1950 Abbott St # 604, Charlotte, NC 28203

Elder Art Gallery - Charlotte, NC - 1520 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28203
When in Hawaii on the Island of Kauai please see my work at:
On the Road to Hanalei, Hanalei HI -Address: Ching Young Village Shopping Center, 5-5190 Kuhio Hwy, Hanalei, HI 96714-
Or Purchase Rooster Cards at Flip4Kauai.wordpress.com
Plan now to Acquire Original Art
Cheryl Johnson presents the beholder with beauty and has made it her life's passion to expose others to the joys of living with art. When collecting artwork for your own home or business include one of Cheryl Johnson's originals. If you’re looking for art pieces to accent or decorate your home browse through Cheryl's art!

Local Kauai Artist
Cheryl's studio is located on the North shore of Kauai. Now you can acquire meaningful work as a passionate savvy collector. You have an opportunity to own examples of a local artists work that is a celebration's of Kauai's inspiring nature, the cycle of life, and the passing of time. Cheryl is inspired by the land and sea, floral and fauna and the Hawaiian people and is committed to fostering art that explores a cultural dialogue and exploration of the islands people and natural beauty. Cheryl's representational and abstract studies examine the beauty that inspires us as individuals, cultures, and communities.

Why Chose specific Color Artwork in a Custom Size?
We know it can be frustrating finding a piece of art to fit the space you have in mind. Now you can custom order a work of art to your color preferences and size. Cheryl will eliminate that frustration by making the art available in the size you need while staying true to her original artist’s vision by keeping the sizing proportional. It really is O.K. to select Art by Color preference from black & white to sepia, pastels or vibrant hues.
Look for Art by Orientation and find that perfect piece in any format: horizontal, square, vertical.
Look for Art by Theme, Companion, and Placement. Enjoy a theme or series. Group sizes or select companion pieces: diptych or triptychs.
When it comes to buying art you should always feel happy with what you’re buying as it may be on your walls for a pleasurably long time. But if you are interested in the investment side of buying art then acquiring works by a recognized local and international artist is a great way to begin. We hope you enjoy our selection of Cheryl' varied styles: Abstract Expressionism, Impressionism, and Representational. Mediums include oil, watercolor, mixed medium, collage.

Why to Choose Cheryl Johnson's Creative Works
American artist, Cheryl Johnson is known for her singular ability to infuse emotion, beauty and narrative into the objects of our daily lives, creating poignant studies on ideas such as temporality, life, and love.
Cheryl Johnson juxtaposes marks, color and form into veritable worlds of pictorial content by means of mastery of technique combining medium and deftly layering and glazing. Her current oeuvre of work is now overtaken by a commanding expressiveness and expert manipulation of the medium.
Cheryl has honed a language in painting that is unmistakably her own. You will find sensitive glazes combined with thick layers of oil paint that are pasted then smeared roughly down one side of the canvas, off-kilter yet strangely balanced. Wild brushstrokes and script-like swirls across many of Cheryl's small oil paintings evoke urgent calligraphic messages. Essentially each picture is painted with distinct technical approaches, as the artist juxtaposes her treatment of the subjects to the spaces they occupy.
Cheryl is continually experimenting with the emotional effects of light and colors, the arrangement of her subjects and the canvas size; feeling her way by instinct and infusing her work with a sense of joy and play. Her relentless experimentation keeps the work fresh, and each painting is interesting both in and of itself and also within the larger series. The artist is always looking for new ways to set the stage and we are continually surprised by the diversity of viewpoint, mood, and narrative within her unified body of work.
 Cheryl works with Designers and Interior Decorators for custom work.
For more information contact Cheryl directly at cherinow@gmail.com
1. Submit Your No-Obligation Commission Request
Provide your contact information, the style, size or type of art you are interested in commissioning and a few details about what type of commission you are looking for.
2. We Review Your Request and Provide a Quote
We contact you within 24-48 hours to review your request.  Next, we help you and the artist define the project criteria and provide you with a detailed quote including cost and timeframe.
3. The Artist Starts Your Commission!
If you decide to move forward with the request, the artist begins your commission and we help monitor the work as it is being completed.  Upon completion, you receive a fantastic, one-of-a-kind, custom work or art.
All works © Cheryl Johnson 2018.
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