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Raising Kane
Gozo del vivir
30” x 40”
Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
Cheryl Johnson
Summer in Oklahoma 2011
Raising Kane
Gozo del vivir - J’oie de vivre - A keen enjoyment of living
Abstract art uses a visceral and visual language of color, form and line to create a composition that may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. This abstract painting is about friendship and pure emotion, “Joy.”
In general, there are two types of abstract paintings. The first type of abstract painting portrays objects that have been "abstracted" (images taken) from reality or nature.
A second type of abstract painting, sometimes referred to as "pure" abstract art, is even more obtuse. This painting, “Raising Kane,” falls in the second category and is about emotion. Although the idea of abstraction had been around for some time, the Abstract Expressionists went a lot further. Artists like Kandinsky, Mitchell, Pollack, Gorky, Kline, Richter began to emphasize, not only the finished product, but the actual process of painting. They experimented in how they interacted with the paint, the canvas, and their tools; and they paid attention to the physical qualities of the paint itself, its texture, color and shape.
For me, said Cheryl, “This painting has evolved in an exploration of feelings and media. Upon close examination, you will find a variety of mixed media: oil pastel, water-based oil, acrylics, latex, ink and laughter. You will also experience subtle color changes and then explosions of pure color. It is a dance. I enjoyed the process of creating it as much as the pleasure I hope others will feel in viewing the finished piece. I believe that good paintings create feelings like when you hear music, or read poems, stories or books. I believe that paintings invoke feelings in another person.”
How they choose to hang the piece will be fun to discover. Rotate and enjoy! Keep the spirit of play alive. Life is a dance.
The “Raising Kane” abstract impressionist painting was commissioned by two close friends, ​Greta and Neil Kane. Their joy of life and appreciation and encouragement of my work has bolstered and beckoned me to create with great energy and freedom. Greta and Neil are both colorful individuals in their own right. They have a spirit of Joy of Living--Gozo del vivre or j’oie de vivre and are simply fun friends.
Color Matching: The unusual prerequisite in creating this piece was to use paint to match colors Greta enjoys and also found in the Kane’s home. Locating color swatches and then mixing paints to emulate the colors chosen was a fun challenge. Artistic license and freedom to play are what make this painting enjoyable for me. I painted it while visiting Oklahoma, the Kane’s home state. I sat out in the sun and just explored emotions and feelings of their friendship. Thank you Greta and Neil for this experience. I look forward to sharing laughter and friendship in your home soon. Salute--Enjoy! Te quiero.
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