Years ago I painted in a little cottage in my back yard in Charlotte, NC. I lovingly still call it Homers House. Homer was a wonderful gentleman that lived here for over 12 years. His energy still permeates the place.
I put up a large canvas tacked to the wall and began painting. I still remember. 
How young I was. Ah sweet memory. 
I love painting and every day brings new energy and new ideas for paintings. I guess I am an idea maven; both ambitious and driven. What, for me, constitutes an interesting painting? I really think it is about pausing, waiting and the letting your internal energy flow. A painting should be interesting, it should have strength, but I have to find some tenderness in it too. There has to be that dynamic. I’m not really bothered with the rules of painting or the history of a painting. My approach is that everything inspires me, from other artists to my surroundings. I internalize and muse and then it is mine. I take inspiration from what I can use from wherever and then I lay out a palette of colors and begin with a simple mark. It is a “have to create” experience that has never stopped.
Thoughts are free and cannot be possessed. They are simple, sometimes intruding, fleeting and completely intimate. They are word pictures and the structures that manifest into real life with comprehendible potential. These are the qualities imbued in line, color and space are used as a metaphor in my work. Can a lifespan of a thought be caught on canvas?
Changing the world one great idea at a time!

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