Cheryl Johnson: I am an Imagineer, artist, writer, photographer, sculptor, project queen. Comfortable in my own skin, retired from IBM.  Living in Hawaii on the island of Kauai in the Northshore in the Wainiha Valley. 
I move with energy into whatever I am doing. I love to fly.
The site will become a collection of my works, thoughts and energy.
The uniqueness of the site lies in its collection of various creations and inspirations. Apart from what I hope is a great experience, you as an individual viewer can be inspired, appreciate or simply click around and enjoy. 
Perhaps I have stimulus overload or attention distraction as I seem to have the luxury now to explore whim and inspiration.  My site will change as my mood changes – another good reason to drop by.
The unique concept behind my identity system is based on the idea of adaptivity
of visual stimulation to my mood and energy. 
The core idea is to have simple works like abstract shapes which may be assembled to create more complex shapes – which in their turn become real stories with appeal for all. 
So simple abstract forms communicate with adults while more complex shapes (characters) are there for the kids. 
In general, this is a bright, simple, but powerful all about me the "I" spiraling system that works perfectly for both myself the adult I pretend to be and the child I will always nurture.
I love this song. Click and Go play it. Happy
I went to my studio and got out my toys.­ Paper first. Paints next.  Deciding if it is going to be an oil or acrylic day is the key point. Then I looked thru my pastels and picked a color. Now here is the secret.  I close my eyes and make a mark. Sometimes I am brave and make two marks. 
I love the process…
Now I am hooked. Sometimes I respond to the muse inside and just let go. Sometimes hellfire breaks loose from the carefully constructed dams of caution.
But I’m trying to get better. We find our strength deep in the valley of our fears.
Sometimes the best thing to do is: nothing. So that is when I sit back and look. No, to be honest, I squint first and then just stare and wait for that silly muse to start whispering.
The above piece was created on Terraskin paper. 17 1/2" x 25". Glazed with Damar Varnish. Media includes: pastels, oil, oil crayon, latex, acrylic, graphite. 
Original works of art energize any public or private contemporary setting. They transform any functional space. Visualize how these original works could turn a restaurant, private living room, museum or loft into a work of art. Cheryl Johnson understands the technical and creative challenges of blending art and your home or business. You will find that Ms. Johnson transcribes her artistic creativity into a one-of-a-kind art piece, made just for you. Contact the artist directly for more details at: or call 704.516.6277.

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