I must remind myself that some days when you begin a painting you have a particular idea in mind and then events or circumstances or emotions take you someplace else.
I love to paint on Terraskin paper. First, it is made of stone and no trees were damaged in the creation of it. Second, it can be rolled and shipped and third it stores easily in a box. 
When I started this painting I had sunflowers in mind as it is summer and on my walks, I saw them growing in my neighbors garden. Good idea right?
Well due to happenings in my life I kept going up to my studio and grabbing a moment here or there to paint and suddenly the painting was being overworked and the energy shifted.  Thankfully, my sister reminded me. Get out bright colors and put them down and let go. 
The result, the painting changed, my energy changed and the result was a new painting completely different than I planned. Let go and let your inner muse come out.  But if you need to let out other darker moments  that is ok too. 
If you could peel back the layers, underneath you would find the Sunflowers and then the angst in my life that turned around.

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