Series: Climate Change Secret Forests
Climate Change Secret Forest No. 2020024
United States
Painting on Linen Oil
Size: 40 W x 30 H x 1.1 in
Ships in a Box

"As an artist, finding new ways of engaging an audience in the beauty of nature and encouraging the protection and preservation of our natural resources is very important to me. Our renewed and expanding focus on climate change and nature is as varied and multi-faceted as the environmental art space. Environmental art often evokes compassion, exemplifies majestic beauty, stimulates ecological awareness and promotes positive action.  
Throughout environmental art, there resonates a call to the inherent human need for connecting with one another, the earth, and for preserving natural resources.  The beauty and blending of the abstract secret forest landscapes are intended to encourage us to embrace and implement action for real change. Our planet is a gift, and we are responsible as the caretakers of it.  When one is encouraged with ideas and suggestions from sources such as environmental, artistic trailblazers; we do become the change our world needs now.”  — Cheryl Johnson

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