This work is Secret Forest 2.
The heart of the Tryptich: Triptych is a work of art which is divided into three sections. This is an original contemporary painting impressively powerful inspired by the colors and feeling of Spring. Each section is 30" x 40" 
Mixed Media
Size: 40 x 90
Single Paintings: 30 x 40
Cheryl Johnson’s works are marked with an unusual gravitas and resonance; created to evoke emotion and made to contemplate. Her work reveals luminous intervals, individual discoveries and emotional responses. Poised on the edge of far wider recognition and increased visibility Cheryl’s work is collectible and impressive. Cheryl has exhibited her work extensively in her artistic career and her works have spanned several styles and techniques.
Throughout her career she has continued to produce vital and ever-changing new work. She works with Galleries, Interior Designers, Private Collectors and Corporate Accounts. She will work on commission to provide custom ordered works of various sizes and media. She began exhibiting her large-scale abstract expressionist paintings in contemporary galleries in the early 2000s.
There’s frequently an undercurrent of emotion that for some is joy and others melancholy. Her images are a call to our forgotten memories of beautiful places that now we are steered back to experience.
Cheryl usually works on multiple panels or large scale canvases - striving to attract a natural rather than constructed rhythm from the composition. Her works have a rhythm emanating from the expansiveness of the freely applied color or line. She employs a unrestrained use of color and her works have a pervasive luminosity. The titles of her current paintings suggest abstract forests. 

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