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Cheryl Johnson Spreesy

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Pricing a painting is always the challenge for most artists. And I am no different. I must admit there are times that I finish a painting that I do not want to sell it. I have grown attached. It is then that a price is not important. I may post it, however, the price is always higher. I have asked other artists how they price a work and some have come up with a price per square inch and so I thought I would create a method that I would use as a stepping off point.
Reminder!  Being realistic about what someone else would pay and value your work is always the challenge. But after all, if someone else could paint it they would. I can never duplicate a painting and all the years of learning and studying and painting is priceless.
Prices For Original Pastel, Oil & Watercolor Paintings as of January 2016
Art is priced by the square inch. If you don’t see the exact size of the piece you are interested in, please contact me. (Please note that there is an additional charge for commissioned work.) Note prices are unframed.
Below is a pricing guide that I use.
Please click on link to open Google Doc to see Pricing list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vT9OzNvlv-4Xbd1VFN5tsJW2WfZff_gkImbCRxbzhOA/pub
If you have questions about any painting on this site please contact me. 
Thank you!
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